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The Worst Day of My Life 
Lying awake on top of the bed covers thinking to myself, “I could so kill my father right now if I just opened the curtains I could roast the vampire alive!” then his assistant comes in and breaks my chain of thought.
“What you thinking about?” my father’s assistant, Declan, asks, taking the milk from the fridge eyeing me suspiciously.
“I could kill him you know, Declan, it would be so easy, and no one, except you of course, would ever know about it!” I reply, without taking my eyes off my father.
“I love the way we think so alike Mollie,” Declan laughs, handing me a cup of tea, “What’s your plan, to stab him quickly with a knife or open the curtains?”
“The curtains. It’s far less messy. I could knock him out, strap him to the window sill and just roast the vampire alive” I laugh, thanking him for the tea with a polite nod.
After I put aside most of the thoughts of killing my father, I quietly go over to his cloak hanging on his bedpost and pull out a bottle of blood, uncork it and drink deeply out of it.
“I thought your father told you to stop drinking his bottles of blood, several times in fact” Declan says, sitting on my bed eating a bowl of cereal.
“What’s your point?” I ask blankly, opening my mouth signalling him to give me food.
“Good point,” he replies, putting a spoonful of cereal in my mouth, “you never usually do what your father says.”
“Exactly.” I mumble, finishing my mouthful of cereal and dropping the subject.
Grabbing the empty glass bottle tightly by the neck, I think of smashing it as hard as I can over my father’s head, then I remember, I had done that once before, and all it did was wake him up, and make him as mad as hell, but other than that it didn’t hurt him, so I just put the bottle back down, and go to join Declan angrily on my bed.
“Couldn’t do it?” he asks, slurping at the milk at the bottom of the bowl.
“I’ve tried using the bottle before; it doesn’t do anything except make him angry,” I grunt, quickly rolling a cigarette.
 Lighting my cigarette, I lean back on the headrest, and quickly finish my cup of tea. My father is expecting company today, and his company is one sexy vampire, so I’m completely ecstatic, though I try my very best to hide it.
I sit and wait for about an hour - shaking with excitement- for my father’s friend to arrive. Within the first half hour Declan decided to go shopping claiming it was to get a few things for my birthday, so I’m on my own. Just me and the vampire I’m forced to call father. Then I hear a loud knock at the door.
I jump up instantly at the sound of the door being knocked, and open it so fast I thought it was going to fly off the hinges, but there’s no one there so I instinctively look up, unimpressed by the poor hiding spot.
 “You know too much,” Kurda (my father’s sexy friend) grunts, dropping down from the roof and wrapping his arms around me.
“I learn from the best,” I laugh, kissing him quite passionately, and dragging him into the hotel room (it probably would have gone further if my father had not been in the other room).
“So, where is this father of yours?” he asks, then he hears movement from my father’s room and adds, “ I is guessing he is just getting up?”
“Sounds like it,” I laugh, as my father walks into the room, clad in his best robes and orange hair as neat as his cropped style will let it.
“Cornelius,” Kurda greets him, firmly shaking his hand.
“Hello Kurda, long time no see, glad you could make it,” he replies, curtly, then turns to me and adds with a wicked grin, “Stop trying to kill me.”
“Make me,” I sneer, and then laugh.
After my father finishes giving me an earful about how, when he was a boy, they used to treat parents with respect and never wanted to kill them, him, Kurda and I sat in the living area of the hotel room to get up to date about what we have all been up to since the last time we saw each other.
My father and I hadn’t been up to much, we distanced ourselves, and travelled with a freak show, but other than that we didn’t do much. As for Kurda, he’d travelled the world and nearly been killed by about thirty Vampire hunters and had killed around 70 Vampaneeze (the vampire’s distant cousins, we’ve been at war for about six years now, I hate them because they had killed my mother a while back!).
“Italy is full of hunters, only go if you want to kill yourself, I swear they can practically smell you!” He laughs, and we go back to chatting.
Shortly later we are joined by Declan. He’s carrying a few bags, which is extremely unlike him; he almost never buys that much when he goes shopping, he claims shopping is ‘unmanly’.
“What is in the bags? My father asks, laughing at him as he struggles through the door like a teenage girl just getting home after a huge shopping spree.
“I got Mollie a sixteenth birthday present.” Declan replies, excitedly jumping over to me, taking a small rectangular parcel out of one of the bags and handing it to me.
“What’s the catch?” I say, slowly opening it, it’s not like Declan to be this nice to me, there’s usually always a catch to it.
“No catch, I just know what’s coming and you’re my best friend you deserve at least one birthday present,” he replies, laughing lightly.
“Oh my God!” I gasp, opening the box to reveal a sterling silver locket.
“Open it,” Declan whispers.
I open it slowly, to reveal a small painted picture of my mother (vampires can’t be photographed, so a painting is as far as we can get).
“How did you get it so small?” I hear Kurda ask, as I stare thoughtfully at the picture.
“I borrowed the big picture that Mollie had painted a few years ago then I scanned it and made it smaller on a computer, duhh.” He laughs lightly, and then turns to me and asks, “Do you like it, Mollie?”
“I love it,” I whisper, tears of happiness in my eyes, and then turning to face him, I give him a hug and a quick kiss, “thank—“
I don’t finish. I feel searing pain soar through my entire body. I turn away, vomit, then dry heave, then vomit again.
“I’m not sixteen yet!” I yell, falling to the floor.
“I thought the shadows weren’t due until tomorrow,” Kurda shouts, bending to tie me down, with the ropes hanging on my bedposts.
“I thought so too!” my father yells, almost crying, “Tiny said!”
By this point I’m roaring with pain, whilst gritting my teeth and pulling out my hair to try and fight back the pain.
“What exactly are the shadows,” Declan asks Kurda, as my father attempts to finish tying me down.
“She has a split-personality, and the other half is possessed and keeps trying to break through and take over her body every now and again, the attacks happen because her body reacts to that and fights back, that’s why it is so painful, it’s like a two person war inside her body,” Kurda explains, rushing over to help my father hold me down as I tear through the ropes holding me down with ease.
        “She’s gotten stronger from the last attack,” Kurda grunts, trying to lighten the tension in the room.
        “That is because… she was five…last time, Dick head!” my father replies, not in the mood for ‘comedy’.
“TINY!” I yell, shouting for my godfather and shooting up. I know from experience that he can help me get rid of this.
He busts through the door instantly when I call him as if we are in some sort of movie.
“Move,” he says, calmly strolling over to me, then, placing a hand on my head he lets his hand slowly glow a bright red colour and asks, “Does this hurt?”
I feel nothing but the shadows breaking through at first, then the pain of his hand seeps through and I yell with agony, I realize he’s driving the shadows out by using his hand to create a stronger pain.
“What are you doing to my daughter?” my father shouts, in an extremely worried response to my roar.
He ignores him and swiftly turns to Declan, “Do you have that jam jar I asked you for a while back?”
“One jam jar.” Declan says, taking it out of his bag quickly and handing it to him.
I roar louder than I had ever roared before then I fall back, and let out a long breath, almost like a huge sigh, releasing the shadows slowly, and Tiny catches them in the jar before sealing it with a simple and quick spell. Then I’m out, not dead, just unconscious, and that was the worst day of my life.

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