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Another day of working low wage at my local factory, or as I like to call it the death trap! There was only really one reason I would never quit my job and that was because of my Molly, Oh my Molly, more beautiful than the sunset, with long auburn hair neatly braided at either side of her head! I loved her with all my heart; I never thought I could ever loose her, until it happened, why I think the factory is a death trap, so just let me take you back, to that day
I was walking to work as usual, through the crowded streets of the central town. The dirty grey pave stone where crumbling at my feet and boy was it hot! But I didn’t care; I was too busy looking for my Molly, oh there she was,
“JAMES!” she yelled “OVER HERE JAMES”,
So as usual I went over and we walked to the factory together, hand in hand.
 “New hat?” molly asked trying to make conversation.
Laughing I Replied “ oh Molly you wee joker, you know I wear this hat everyday.”
“ I know”, she said “ but I like to make you go to work in a good and happy mood!” and she did, every day she put me in a great mood for work, I relied on her to do it, though little did I know this would be the last day she ever would!
Going into work we got split into boys and girls because we were never able to work together, and sent to our sections of the factory. Today the boys were making the materials for a change, while the girls cleaned the factory’s machines.
I couldn’t wait till lunch, Molly and I would ALWAYS go to the bridge across from the factory, just overlooking the Lough, it was so relaxing and peaceful.
Just a few minutes before the lunch bell, was the emergency bell,                            “SOMEONE HAS BEEN CAUGHT IN A MACHINE” cried one of the guards!    “SHE’S OVER IN THE MILL, SHE WAS CLEANING THE MACHINE WHEN HER AUBURN HAIR GOT CAUGHT, BRING THE SISSORS TOULOUSE!” yelled another from the linen section.
A lump suddenly came to my throat, the mill, I thought, that’s were Molly was working. I quickly ran over, looking for the dear soul who was caught, then spying a puddle of deep red blood on the floor I rushed over, just to find my molly laying there in a puddle of her blood, she still looked beautiful, even though she was dead, I couldn’t help but cry, then I noticed one of her braids, it was gone! That’s why they needed the scissors.
After that I ran away from the factory, ran from my home town, I didn’t know where I would go just as long as I wasn’t there I needed to escape.
It’s been about ten years now I’ve got a wife and two kids; I guess you could say that I’ve moved on.
 I never went back to the factory I couldn’t bare the thought of being there, it brought back too many memories, even though they were mostly happy memories I still can’t help but think about Molly lying there in a puddle of her own blood, and the heartache that followed, and since then has never gone away, and most likely never will.


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